Deane received her BFA from the University of Kentucky in 2018 and is currently enrolled in the MFA program at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She is finalizing work for her MA defense scheduled for January 2021, with focus in photography and glass. Following this, she will begin to work toward her MFA (2022).


My practice is driven by the emotional experience of drifting between spaces of longing and serenity that come within attempting to understand the philosophy around belonging; belonging to a specific place, body, family, and community. I am interested in the relationships that occur between the physical body and the natural world. I examine the vast avenues of interpretation that exist within finding connection through research including poetry, history, and science. Zen aesthetics merge with raw, found materials to evoke calmness and establish spaces for contemplation and self reflection. The ephemerality that is often present in my work is akin to that of the natural life cycle, especially as it relates to time; birth, death, and rebirth. 













email: alideane13@gmail.com

instagram: @addeane